My Forever Guardian


  • Starting with the book "My Forever Guardian", we introduce the mission of social healing and tactics we believe will help kids all over the world heal from loss. We live in a social society and through sharing with friends, we can all heal together.  

  • The team is producing a book and video series giving each character a chance to tell their story and their experience. Everyone reacts and heals differently so we want to make sure kids see, read, and feel supported with how they are feeling. 


  • Our children live in an age of social sharing. If we can help them connect with other kids experiencing the same emotions experienced during loss, we can create a world where we no longer have to grieve in silence. We will have daily activities for the kids to do together online.  From physical activities, to crafts, to story telling, our children will be able to heal together with other kids their age. Join us at 

  • For grief camps, schools and counselors. We will allow you to create private groups to create your own social groups for specific kids to remain in contact with each other even after their in person sessions have ended.  Please contact us at to learn more about this opportunity. 


  • Kristina Jones is an award-winning advertising art director turned tech entrepreneur. When Kristina Jones was looking for the next tech company to build after scaling from Miami to nationwide, raising $7 Million in funding, and becoming the 14th African American woman to ever raise $1 Million for a tech startup, she started with a personal story. 

  • When Kristina was seven she lost her father to cancer and knew one day she wanted to share her story on how she kept the connection to her dad alive. Throughout the process of writing and editing "My Forever Guardian", she landed on an idea to connect kids around the world who have experienced loss to share and heal together. The book transformed the idea of social healing into the app Guardian Lane which is run and monitored by top bereavement counselors who provide daily social activities kids can share in together creating their own social media healing network. 

  • Kristina's work has been featured in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, Vanity Fair,  Forbes and more. 


  • Beatriz Piolla de Mello is a graphic designer and illustrator. She studied illustration and development of 2D concept art, especially at drawing classes, and has experience with painting, drawing and digital art, being familiar with  softwares including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, and Painter.
  • She worked at Milton Nakata Studio and also at Tadapix Animated Marketing as an intern.